Pure Azores is certified with the Clean & Safe Stamp awarded by the Regional Government of the Azores to businesses that comply with all the good practices implemented for an efficient fight against the Covid-19 pandemic for the Azores tourism sector.

At Pure Azores, we are committed to providing our customers the safest environment so you can enjoy our activities to the max even during the Covid-19 pandemic!

Here are the policies that we have implemented to ensure your safety while having fun with us:

Use of masks inside the vehicles

Use of masks is mandatory inside the vehicles, but not outside while you are enjoying the views and wonderful places that we visit! We provide disposable masks in case you forget to bring your own. Disposable masks should be changed after 4 hours of use, therefore you will need 2 masks for a day tour.

Passenger using mask

Availability of hand sanitizer

You should wash your hands with hand sanitizer before joining the tour. We have hand sanitizer in our vehicles to make sure there will always be some available whenever you need to clean your hands. 

Using hand sanitizer

Cleaning and disinfection procedures

We have implemented improved cleaning and disinfections procedures. following the best guidelines of the Portuguese National Health Authority. Our vehicles and equipment are subject to a daily deep cleaning and weekly sanitization. The cleaning is carried away according to the norms established by authorities to fight against the pandemic.

Cleaning Vans

Covid-19 Staff Training

All our staff has been properly trained to ensure the correct implementation of the above measures.

Covid-19 Training

Vehicle capacity

Our vehicles have capacity for 9 people (driver + 8 passengers). At the moment there is no restriction in vehicle capacity, according to local health authorities guidelines. This has been subject to changes throughout the pandemic and Pure Azores have followed and will continue to follow strictly any limitations that might be reimposed regarding vehicle capacity.

Pure Azores Van Interior