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Looking to tour São Miguel's main attractions?

Our best-selling São Miguel West and East van tours are the proven and tested way!
Explore the island in comfort, with an expert guide!

São Miguel West Van Tour

Explore the breathtaking Western half of São Miguel, including Sete Cidades, Fogo Lake, Caldeira Velha and beautiful coastal views!
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São Miguel East Van Tour

Discover all the highlights of the Eastern half of São Miguel island, including Furnas, Vila Franca, Ribeira dos Caldeirões, and lookouts of the northeastern coast!
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Do you prefer something more off-the-beaten track?

Our Hiddem Gems tour is perfect for you! 
Come explore with us amazing places that only locals know about!  

Hidden Gems of São Miguel Tour

Escape the big crowds and discover amazing places in São Miguel Island away from the main tourist itineraries!
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Are you more of the active type?

Our active tours combine multiple soft activities in one day! 
Immerse in the best scenery and nature of the Azores in a truly special way

Walking & Kayaking in Sete Cidades

Experience the amazing Sete Cidades in a very special way, walking around the crater top and kayaking on the lake’s quiet waters!
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